Sunday, September 30, 2007

Feeling Grateful

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you know the adoption process is changing all over the world. The latest news from Guatemala is disheartening. But the situation in Liberia is not much better. When we went to get A&E there were several families who were within weeks of us and preparing to travel in August, then September, and now most of those families are looking at November and beyond. The consular at the U.S. Embassy is going through all paperwork with a fine tooth comb and any mistakes means a denied visa. Our paperwork had tons of mistakes in it but under the old regime it was allowed because reps from the U.S. at the Embassy understood the issues facing Liberia. Now all those documents are being sent to our agency so our director can make sure they are correct.

I don't even know what's involved in the new process. But I know there are families who are seriously worried they won't get their kids at all. The whole reason for this is to crack down on fraud. Which all of us as parents want. Scott and I wrestled and still wrestle with the fact that A&E have immediate family they left. We always thought we'd get orphans. But poverty has not allowed that to happen and that is why eliminating poverty is such an important next step to keep families together in Liberia. The consular wants to make sure those families truly have no other option but to have their kids adopted. Splitting up families is not whats best for a kids unless they will starve to death or die of another disease.

As for us, we have moved into a routine that is becoming slowly more manageable. Scott is totally consumed with E-man. What's the saying, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward? He adores him and it goes both ways. As for me, I can see Abegail thriving! She's gained five pounds, E-man 4. (to give you an idea Annie, has gained 1 in the time they've been home) She loves school and is so excited to learn. We sit down to family dinners and the giggles and jokes fly. Slowly we are becoming a real family. Both Scott and I feel tremendously blessed to have these children and more grateful that God has thought us worthy enough to be able to raise them. But everyday we think of the Davis family. Every minute I think would Alexander be happy with this or that? How are they? Scott and I have made sure they will not have to worry about a place to live with monthly sponsorship, but what difference will that be if they are hungry? And then there is E-man's teeth. 15 out of 20 have cavities and his were not the worse ones at the AFAA house. Scott and I thought about the cost for a second (we'll figure it out) but we thought more about those kids whose teeth haven't been fixed. Abegail told us several of her siblings are missing teeth. So everyday we know how lucky we are. We are being taught more by these new kids and given more from them then they will ever give to us. We just hope other families do not have to wait much longer to experience the joys too.

Our agency director, Cheryl Carter-Shotts' adopted son Mohammed, 34, is in the hospital in Indianapolis. There is something wrong with his heart but doctors don't know what is causing it. He is down to 110 pounds and Cheryl has e-mailed us all saying she is extremely frightened. Please remember them when you talk to God.

Fun Stuff

Quotes From Emmanuel:
"Mommy, can we take the green car to the AFAA house?"

Eman the butcher barber:
Yes, Emmanuel got a hold of the scissors and gave his sister a haircut. Luckily all in the back, but quite shocking to see the strands of Annie's hair on the bed. Here's the damage!

The kids get what Halloween is. We put decorations out yesterday. The problem: All three want to be Cinderella. Yes, this includes Emmanuel. We think we've got Abegail settled on a pink princess, Annie to be Belle, and E-man a bug. But check back with us in an hour, pretty sure it will change.
Happy Birthday Baby Maddie!
We were at the store today and saw some baby clothes and Abegail commented they would fit her cousin baby Maddie who was here last week for the baptism. Then she said, but she's not here anymore. Easy come, easy go I guess. Hope you had a great party Maddie!

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Misi said...

Kudos to you for adopting A&E and making them feel at home. Am interested in knowing how they are fitting in and also how you are adjusting to the new members. How do you cope with cultural and race differences please?