Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First Day of School

Today is Abegail's first day of school!!!

And like our parents did for us...we made the kids pose for pictures! Unfortunately I wasn't able to take a picture in focus until the bus arrived. Oh well, Annie was picking her nose anyway.

Abegail got onto the bus like a real pro!! She was soooo excited!

As you can see...Annie and E-Man were skeptical. Frankly, E-Man was quite concerned.


Sue said...

I bet you're a proud momma sending you child off for the first day of school. Congrats!!

Nancy said...

Congratulations on Abegail's first day of school! I am currently in Saratoga, after the cousins' reunion with your folks, but will be heading out to see all of you bright and early Thursday morning. I was so happy to be able to check your blog today for the first time since leaving home. Hi to everyone and a big "See you tomorrow!" I'll call from Dallas if I'm delayed.

Love and hugs,Nancy