Thursday, September 13, 2007

Making Pancakes

One of the things Scott and I are asked repeatedly these days is, "Mommy what are you doing?" "Daddy, what are you doing?' When we answer, they repeatedly ask again as if its going to change in the next five seconds. Even when it's very obvious, like using the potty, its "Mommy what are you doing?" So we started to say, "making pancakes." As my aunt says sarcasm is so wasted on children, but not this time, they got it this time and now I can be folding laundry, or cleaning the floor and Emmanuel will say, "Mommy, you making pancakes?"
They also ask repeatedly, even if I'm sitting down, "where you going?" So I started saying, "to the moon." "Mommy, can I come? Can I come with you to the moon?"

From one of our AFAA parents:
I've come to learn that adopting a child doesn't necessarily equate to instant love (and word on the street is that giving birth is the same way, though less so). It means that a family has started a new relationship with a new little person

Great quote from Aunt Nancy:
God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called!!!

We started swimming lessons today. Emmanuel, as energetic as he is, (try and get that kid to walk on a pool deck!) seemed to love it and so did Abegail. Annie cried the entire time. Go figure. There's always next week.

Abegail's First Grade Class
This is the infamous Mr. Suzuki. Abegail is having a great time in school. Today she was the special student of the day meaning she had to bring in three special items to show the class and tell them about herself. She brought in two pictures, one was a group shot at the AFAA house and the other of her and Martu, her cousin coming to Minneapolis. Mr. Suzuki called today and said the class then looked up on the globe where Liberia was. Now there's a first grade class that knows more than most Americans!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sue! You ought to forward this post to the infamous Miss South Carolina (which is where we live!). Hands on Geography! Go Mr. Suzuki! Take care, Denise AOH