Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Same Sun and Moon

I was telling our AFAA agency director that I think Abegail gets homesick and cries for long periods of times every now and then. She told me that when her Ethiopian daughter would get homesick she would take her outside at night and lay under the stars and moon and tell her it was the same moon and stars in Ethiopia.
So Saturday night, Abegail cried for a long time about something very minor. Scott went in and tried to get her to talk to him. Then I went in and said come here, and I took her outside. Unfortunately, there was not a star or a moon in the sky. I said, "look up, see the sky? It's the same sky as in Liberia. See these clouds? There are clouds just like them in Liberia." I said "Do you think it's sunny or raining in Liberia?" She said, "raining." She went back to bed and was asleep in two minutes.
The next day we were driving to church and she said, "Mommy, where's the moon?" I said, "it's daytime, the moon only comes out at night." She said, "Sun shining?" I said, "yes and it's the same sun that is shining in Liberia." She smiled.


The Googeg's said...

How touching! I keep reminding my kids that when Mary and Wokelle come home, we will be so happy, but they may be so sad.

Tama said...

What a sweet story! I will remember that. You don't know me but I think I found your blog the day before you were leaving and have been following your story. Our social worker adopted through AFAA but we are going through AOH. Getting close to a referal. I'm at www.libertytograce.blogspot.com Anyway thought it was about time I introduced ourselves. Thanks for your great blog it has certainly inpired me and in fact was one of the first I ever read! Thanks!

Anonymous said...


This made me cry...so incredibly sweet and a tip I will also use! Thanks for always sharing such touching moments.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I'd like to also introduce myself and say thank you for your frequent blogs. I check every day, because my husband and I are waiting, waiting, waiting for our referral from Liberia with AFAA. Reading your blogs is like a little glimpse of what may be in our future. It makes the waiting a little bit easier.