Saturday, September 8, 2007

Sue on WCCO Radio

Sue was a guest on Esme Murphy's radio show tonight on WCCO. It was an hour-long discussion of our adoption process and the trials and tribulations of our family's journey.

Esme is a co-worker of Sue's at WCCO-TV and a friend. They had a really nice talk about everything from the challenges of a bi-racial family to the cost of the adoption. We all gathered around the kitchen table and listened on an old boom box...while Sue barricaded herself in the attic so as not to be disturbed! :-)

Two things:
  1. I didn't realize how difficult it would be to find a radio in this house!!
  2. It was a good thing Sue was upstairs because Abegail and E-Man dropped Annie on her head half way through the interview!! I'm not sure if Esme's listeners were able to hear the "thud" or not...but I think the neighbors did! (Annie's ok)
I wish you could all hear the interview...but I don't think 'CCO podcasts their interviews.

Nice job Sue!

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