Sunday, October 28, 2007


This is the DVD that we're sending to the AFAA house so the children can see photos of their families. We're sending this...since there has been such a delay in processing these children and nobody has been able to visit in quite some time. We know they'll love it! Enjoy.


Shelby & Lori said...

We cannot tell you how much this means to us!!

Jessica said...

Thank you Sue, you are so amazing!

Anonymous said...


Okay, stop it you're making me cry! The kids will really love this! I just wish they were here to see it!


Nancy said...

Yes, the kids will love it, and so did I! I had to go back and watch the AFAA DVD to refresh my memory on some of the children and then connect them to the families where they will be going. I know that you have your hands full right now, so I am even more impressed that you would take the time to make such a precious gift for those still waiting.
I hope that your three little pumpkins have a wonderful Halloween!!

Anonymous said...

It's awesome!!
All the kids will be so happy to view this amazing video.
Thanks Sue for taking the time.

Michelle said...

I just found your blog when I was reading the crazy story about the French workers being arrested in Chad. Somehow, I started browsing around the links and was brought to your blog.
I'm trying to find a way for you to email me, I would love to say Hello to you in a more formal way. I am an American married to a Liberian man. I think what you are doing is wonderful!!!, I worked in Haiti as a volunteer many years ago 1991-1992. I worked in Mother Theresa's home for sick and dying children and also helped bring sick Haitian children back to the US for medical treatments. I traveled to Ghana back in 2003 to met some of my husbands family that have settled in Accra. I work as an Immigration Officer here in Chicago. My husband has many of his relatives living in Minnesota. That seems to be a big place for Liberians to settle. Is there a way that I can email you?,
Michelle Tolbert

Richardson Family said...

Hi Michelle, you can e-mail me at Glad to meet you.

Tammy said...

Sue and Scott,
This is so wonderful I hope some of the kids still waiting in Liberia will have the opportunity to see your video very soon. The huge delay in getting these kids home is heartbreaking. Mom said so many of the kids were so attention starved. They crowded in around her asking about their parents and going to America. I'm so very glad that after all Valerie and Akins went through to bring him home, he is here. Those other children need to be allowed to be brought home as well and soon. Is there anyone we can write to that can intervene in all these delay tactics? Surely if the Politicians were being bombarded with mail regarding these adoptions someone would start to fight for the children. Just an idea. Tammy