Friday, October 19, 2007


Abegail had a tooth pulled we told her to put her tooth under her pillow and the tooth fairy might come to take it and leave her some money. She was SUPER curious about the tooth fairy all day. Question after question..."Daddy, what does the tooth fairy look like? What will happen if I wake up while she's there?" Then after about the 15th question, I realized it was probably a bad idea to even mention the tooth fairy.

By 8:30 last night, EVERY child was scared to go to bed because they were terrified of the tooth fairy creeping into their room while they were sleeping!! Abegail put the tooth under her pillow and then refused to sleep in her bed. She wanted to sleep on the floor...and then so did the other two. An hour and a half later, I walked into their room and A & E were asleep in E-Man's bed with the blanket pulled up over their heads. And Annie had sneaked away to HER bed.

I asked Abegail this morning if the tooth fairy came. She said, "No. I was too scared and I slept in E-Man's bed with the blanket over my head." I told her she better check anyway. "DADDY!! SHE COME!!!!" The look on her face was worth it.

Sue found this on YouTube this morning and I'll be damned if this isn't MY NEW ANTHEM!!!


Anonymous said...

Who says tooth fairies and Santa Claus are for kids? Now you know why there is a tooth fairy! It's for the parents to see that look! However, I'm not sure most kids are so fearful. We may never know what's behind that--what might have come into their lives at night. Hopefully the good and secure will replace any bad memories or fears. Keep 'em close. Mom R.

Sharon said...

What a great story - I bet the next visit from the tooth fairy won't be met with nearly as much suspicion!

What a hysterical video! Thanks for sharing!


Shelby & Lori said...

We really do have a strange culture where we celebrate fairies, old men with beards and monster bunnies coming into your house at night and leaving surprises. I can only imagine how weird this is for them. It is also interesting to see your world through the eyes of another.

Nancy said...

I am surprised that the Tooth Fairy seemed to be so frightening to the children. I thought, I guess, that nothing could be more scary than to find Aunt Nancy sitting in a chair right outside your bedroom door when you open it to try and sneak out, but we all know how much that scared them - it scared them right into another fit of the giggles! Scott, I love your new anthem! I have listened to it three times already trying to write down all of the words! But remember, you're "living the dream" and the end of the song says that so well.