Sunday, October 14, 2007

Big Pumpin Weekend

We had a great weekend going to the pumpkin patch and then carving the pumpkins (ok Daddy did most of the work). The highlight of the weekend was the corn maze where we thought we'd never find our way out. Abegail told Scott, I think we should call 9-1-1. To which Scott said and say what? We're lost in a corn maze???


Nancy said...

Speaking of firsts, fall must be a first for A&E along with all the other thngs. Wonder what they are thinking about the weather getting so cool, the days getting so short, the changing colors, a fire in the fireplace and to top everything off, Halloween right around the corner! It looks like you had a wonderful pumpkin weekend, just wish I could have been there and wish they would all be ringing my doorbell for trick or treats! I'll be looking forward to pictures of them in their constumes!

Anonymous said...

The pumpkin patch pictures are great! I loved Abegail's idea of calling 9-1-1. I'm impressed she even knows about that! Someone has taught her well. Great job on the pumpkins. Grandma R.

Sharon said...

Cute pictures and cute kids!


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I love Annie's big smile with her pumpkin and Abegail standing on top of the hay like she can see forever. Then Eman carrying his load! Excellent.