Sunday, October 7, 2007

Emmanuel Jr. doing well

We were lucky enough to have dinner with Emmanuel Johnson Jr. and his Mom, Lorpu, last night. Also his new Auntie Georgette Gray and her son Elvinson. Georgette made it possible for Emmanuel to come here for surgery.
Emmanuel is doing so well. You would never know he had been sick. He crawls around and is on the verge of walking. He still has his colostomy bag which will be taken down in two weeks. After six weeks without complications Emmanuel (who they also call E-man) and his mom can return home to Liberia. Right now they are looking at January. Here are some photos, I couldn't stop shooting because he is so cute!!!


Valerie said...


This is fantastic! How cute he is. I wish he and his mother could just stay! BTW I met a man on the beach in Liberia and he too is called E-man. Very common name and nickname apparently.


Wanda said...

This is great info to know.