Wednesday, October 10, 2007


The firsts never get old! It's cold enough for a fire in the fireplace which was quite alarming to both A&E! Abegail asked if it was for cooking and Emmanuel didn't like it until Scott explained it to him.
Abegail has finally gotten into TV but has to stand right up to it to make sure she doesn't miss anything, kind of reminds me of how Grandpa Chuck watches baseball!
Quotes from Emmanuel:
Set the scene: Scott is at his wits end at dinner, I tell him c'mon Scott, "we're living the dream."
Later that evening Emmanuel comes up to me,
"Mommy, you living the dream?"


Anonymous said...

Ahhh the firsts - yes the VERY best part!


Anonymous said...

We love hearing about the firsts! And definitely keep the "quotes from..." coming. They are priceless to us grandparents. So wish we were closer! Love, Grandma R.

The Googeg's said...

Isn't always the things you thought would be no big deal that are a big deal! When my kids first came (from foster care). My daughter was most amazed with Xmas trees. When I told her it was time to get ours out of the basement. She was flabbergasted. "We get to have one of our own and it has been in the basement all this TIME!"

Keep Livin' the dream.

Debbie G.