Friday, October 26, 2007

Hodge Podge


We finished our last swimming lesson. Abegail's last lesson didn't go cause there was a pipe leaking, (so glad that happens to other people too).
We are going right into the next session, both Abegail and Eman can swim on their own!


Eman's new passion is to do the dishes. He stands at the sink and washes every thing he can find. Annie has gotten in on the action too!

Scott gave E-man a Mohawk because he wanted to look like his buddy Junior. Then we remembered he had school photos the next day so we went back to his shaved head.


Our three month report is in the mail. Our social worker said some very wise things, she said you never know your breaking point until you've past it and when adopting your primary concern should be the children already in the home. With that said I can't say enough good things about Annie and her adjustment, definitely the best of any of us. She is so accepting and compassionate in general. The other day we talked about going to the park when E-man and Abegail came home. We picked E-man up from school and she asked if he would share the goldfish he had gotten. He said no. She didn't hesitate and said, "Manuel, you want to go to the park with us?" Another day, her friend Jane was over and trying to put on her socks and she said, "you want my mom to help you?" Annie has never shown resentment or dislike toward either her brother or sister. If anything she seems generally pleased to have them around and always wants to know where they are. I am amazed.


Nancy said...

Congratulations to E-man and Abegail for being able to swim on their own! I know that Sue's statements don't have to be verified by me, but I also must say that during the week I spent in Mnnesota in September, I saw no signs of resentment of any kind on Annie's part towards either Abegail or E-man, and never even saw her grab a toy and yell "MINE!" as most three years old do when someone else is playing with one of their toys. I have debated in my mind often, who of the children had the hardest adjustment - A&E leaving everythng they had ever known behind to enter a completely new, and sometimes baffling world, or Annie, who went overnight from being an only child to being the youngest of three, two of whom had a longtime and intimate bond with one another. But I have now concluded that children are much more resilient than adults, and the biggest adjustment of all has been made by Scott and Sue who are the ones responsible for the health, happiness, education, and general welfare of these three precious little people. They have assumed a momumental task and are meeting the challenge, if not always with serenity,(what parent is always serene with three children seven and under in the house?), with humor, goodwill, determination and steadfast love. What children wouldn't adjust well under those circumstances?

Anonymous said...

You have the most amazing children! Thank you so much for keeping up the blog with pictures and stories. It warms our hearts always. OK G'ma & G'pa Foxey too.

Anonymous said...

I love Eman's minute mohawk. Akins is gone too. I thought it needed to go for the Social Worker visit and pictures at daycare are on Tuesday. Lorea wanted to keep it so we may need to let her do it again sometime.

I proud of the two of you and all of the kids! Great job!