Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mommy's Friend Marlene

My good friend Marlene came to visit us on Sunday. Marlene and I met 15 years ago when us two East Coasters headed west and waitressed on a Dude Ranch in Peublo, CO. The only difference, I was a Yankee and she was a southerner and we never really could hold a conversation without saying, "what?" I haven't seen Marlene since she was a bridesmaid in my wedding six years ago so needless to say we were both excited for our reunion and had a wonderful time, catching up like we had never been a part. You might notice my daughter's name is Annie Marlene and while it is a combination of both her Grandmother's names (Marian and Charlene), I like to think it also comes from Marlene. We took the kids to Underwater Adventures at Mall of America, the first time for them to the big Mall and then to Lego Land. A great day and time was had by all. Abegail can't wait to go back and ride the rides at the Mall!

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