Friday, October 5, 2007

Three Months Already??

Yup, that's right as of Wednesday we will have been home with the kids exactly three months. In some ways it's flown, in some ways it seems like three years and I can't remember life before. We had our three month meeting with our social worker today, who I love. It may be partly due to the fact that she said we are exactly where we should be at three months and she thought things were going well. Of course we put the fear of God into them before she came so they were on their best behavior, I was having flashback to our Embassy interview when they didn't flinch. And Annie napped the whole time. But it was fun to tell her some of our experiences and her to nod as if she's heard it a million times! She even said she drove without a car seat with her son (adopted from Korea) because he screamed so much. Whew!!

Our social worker also told us some interesting things about adoption. We all know how adopting girls from China is popular, because the country allows every couple to have only one child and most want boys. Apparently this has already caused a shortage of girls for the boys to marry. Oops we forgot about that part. China has made their adoption standards stricter because they want to shorten the 2 year waiting list.

As for Korea, they have upped the age children can be adopted at to give Koreans first dibs at the younger children.

Mommy: Annie, do you like your name Annie?
Annie: Yeah!!
Mommy: Emmanuel, do you like your name Emmanuel?
E-man: Yes!! Mommy, do you like your name, Mommy???
Mommy: I love it!

Annie and E-man were playing house the other day:
E-man: Annie you have to go to bed, I have to go to work. (I wonder who that sounds like)

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Anonymous said...

Sue and Scott,

3 months amazing huh??? It is fast approaching 2 months for Akins I can hardly beleive it!