Thursday, November 8, 2007

Abegail's Letter to Papa

Our agency director is headed to Liberia in a week to bring home kids and we are happy to report the list has grown from five kids to six (Alomiza approved!) with Ishamel also ready for his Mom to come get him! Cheryl agreed to take some letters and photos to A&E's birth family.
Dear Papa;
I Love you.
I like living in America.
I am in first grade.
I love school.
I'm sending you some of my work.
I like my new family.
I like church.
Say hi to Belinda, Esther, and Alexander, Aaron.
I miss you all.
But I am happy.
I love you so much.
May God be with you.
Love, Abegail


Anonymous said...

How sweet is that!


Nancy said...

Dear Abegail,

What a sweet letter you wrote to your family back in Liberia.You told them how happy you were here in America, how much you liked school and church and those things will make them very happy. And you told the how much you love and miss them and that will make them happy too, because I know they miss you very much too. Did you have help with that letter? I bet not much! I think you have probably already learned an awful lot in first grade!