Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Big Day

Six kids will be united with their new families today, Cheryl is escorting them home as we speak. We are anxiously awaiting for word that A&E's friends are safely in the U.S.
Maima and Tarry (NJ)
Jacob and Mardia (NY)
Felicia (MI)
Alomiza (NY)

Also, one of our other favorites, Ishamel, met his parents for the first time yesterday. Craig and Karen Monson from UT are at the AFAA house now. We are so happy these meetings are finally happening after a big wait.

Last night Scott made chocolate chip cookies. Abegail comes in the kitchen and says, "can I have one?" I said, "Ask Daddy." She says, "But it's an emergency!"
I'm sorry we interrupt this programming for a cookie EMERGENCY.


Nancy said...

Sound serious. Hope he gave her one!

Anonymous said...

Hi Richardsons,
We're viewing your blog.
you were identified by Alomiza as follows:
Abegail, E-man, Abegail's sister, Abegail's Ma and Pa, Abegail's Grandma.
She is giving me a message for Abegail, but I cant understand most of what she says. It's interesting though, she can understand most of what I'm saying.

Jessica said...

I know Abegail's pain. I have cookie emergencies all the time, especially chocolate chip cookie emergencies! I am so glad all the kids are coming home. I think it is very healing for the kids to know their friends are home and that they won't lose touch with them.