Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The Dry Spell Is Over

Finally, after four months of no movement of kids from the AFAA house we have good news. Cheryl plans to travel in a week to bring home Jacob and Mardia (NY) Maima and Tarry (NJ) and Felicia (MI). Maima and Tarry (Abegail's best friends) came to the AFAA house before A&E. Jacob and Mardia are the most anxious to come home, Jacob was always asking if we knew is Mommy.
Congrats Families, your best days are ahead!

First Time Leaving A&E

I went out of town for about 36 hours this past weekend, it was the first time I've been away from A&E and let me say it was tough. Abegail cried when I left and Scott said E-man had quite a rough day Saturday. It just tells me any little change is scary for him. But it was fabulous to come home and have people so happy to see me. I went to DC for one of my dearest friends bridal shower. I also was able to see my three nephews, so nice to see them without any distractions. I remember this Auntie thing, you get to enjoy how far they've come without having to take any responsibility of getting them there!
Abegail's Report Card
We had our first conferences with Abegail's teachers yesterday. Scott actually went. We let Abegail pick who she wanted to go. All the teachers said they had never had a student who was so happy to be there and absolutely loved learning. She is on par for first grade. I was overflowing with pride when Scott came home and told her, you know how happy your birth family is? This is what they wanted for you. She then beamed too. To go through everything she has and then excel in the classroom, amazing. I know we can take none of the credit, it's hats off to the AFAA team for getting her ready. She told me, "Mommy, you know how we learned to read? We sat in a circle and Jessie taught us with a Dr. Seuss book."


Shelby & Lori said...

Saying how proud her birth family is of her regarding her school progress is beautiful and perfect. How wonderful.

Valerie said...


What a proud story to tell thanks for sharing!