Saturday, November 10, 2007

First Snow

It only lasted ten minutes and didn't stick but the flurries were big and the first time A&E saw snow. Their comment, "its freezing!" Yes, that's how we get snow, it gets to freezing!!!

Prayers Please

We found out Thursday that the 3 year old son of Scott's best friend, Kory Ellerbeck, and best man in our wedding, has a malignant brain tumor in the back of his head. He had surgery that lasted early into this morning and they were able to get 90 percent of it out. They will find out next week whether or not they have to do Chemo or radiation. Please keep Derek Ellerbeck in your prayers.


Anonymous said...


The snow photos are cute. I can't wait for Akins to see it.

On a more serious note.. my heart goes out to Scott's friend and their child.


Andries said...


10 minutes of snow and Abigail managed two outfits?! What a girl! :-) On a related note, we made a quick trip to the Grand Canyon during MEA time (glorious fun!) and Alazar & Endalkachew had their first snow play as we drove through the Rockies. We thought it was kinda funny that they move from Ethiopia to Minnesota, but their first snow experience was in Colorado!

Keeping precious Derek and family in my prayers.


Andries said...

Oh my gosh! I thought I saw pigtails on that second little cutie, but that's E-man! My apologies to all!!!

Tama said...

We are praying for Derek and his family.

Nancy said...

If they thought it was freezing when they saw a few flurries for a few minutes, they should have seen it here in upstate New York last year when we had twelve feet of snow in two days. You'll have to fly them out if that happens again!!! I'll send them some pictures. What cute children you have!

pam said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to Kory! Lets pray for the best and hopefully this ordeal will pass and they will be stronger and closer because of it!