Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Questions and More Questions

You know when you have a kid who gets to be two or three and they say why all the time? It happens with adopted kids too. We are at the four month mark now and I don't know if its the change of seasons or the phase we are currently in, but somebody get these kids an encyclopedia!
(computers with buttons are not good for some of us)
Here is a sample of today:
Abegail: Mommy we have leaves in Liberia but they don't fall off the trees. Why do the leaves fall off the trees?
Why don't those leaves fall off the trees?
Mommy: Because they are pine trees
Abegail: Does the snow fall on them?
Why are the clouds different now?
What is spring like?
Is your birthday in Winter of spring?
Daddy's Birthday??
Today we had pumpkin pie for the first time,
Abegail: Mommy what is that?
Mommy: It's the crust
Annie: Like Jesus'
Mommy: No honey, that's a cross, this is the crust
Abegail: does the pumpkin come from pumpkins
our pumpkins? In the pumpkin? How does it get in the pie?
Abegail has also become interested in looking at albums, she's looked through Annie's baby albums about 46 times and then our wedding album, please no one tell her there is a video. A&E watch the AFAA video that Gift's Mom shot in December of the kids singing about three times a day. Even Annie knows all the songs now and might even be starting to get some rhythm. This at least all did inspire me to start on their life books.
For all of you have little questioners running around, this is for you.


Tama said...

I love your stories. I too have not introduced the wedding video! And Father Knows Less is a must!

Nancy said...

Let's hope they never stop asking questions. But maybe not so many at one time

Anonymous said...


Akins does the same thing. He asks "what's this" about everything. It's fun because I know his asking is because he has never seen whatever it is he is asking about before. I will agree though that after about 25 of those it can get tiring! I love your stories they always make me smile at what great kids you have. We miss all of you! Valerie, Lorea and Akins!