Friday, November 30, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree

The kids had a fabulous time decoration the Christmas tree last weekend, they just love all the Christmas lights!

We were asked during this holiday time how people can support the kids in Liberia and throughout Africa. There are tons of worthwhile programs and a lot of good things to support. Our adoption agency, works to help people in several countries in Africa. They invite sponsorships of 35 dollars a month or a hundred dollars to pay for schooling. In one situation they took in a boy with cerebal palsey in Liberia who was abandoned. They knew this child would not be adopted, but did not want to leave him in the street to die. Learn more about how you can help their mission on their website.
Another great family doing awesome work in Liberia are the Reeds. They have lived their for several years. Renita Reed works to help people start businesses, Bob is working with mental health. They raised all their own expenses and are homeschooling their kids to work there. They are from Michigan and sold everything when they moved. You can read more about their mission and contribute to them by going to On the left side of the page they have a link of how to contribute.
There you will learn a lot of facts including:
- If you are sending your child to a Liberian school, you may be asked to supply the desk, which the school will keep. You must also supply toilet paper.
Their whole point and what we have learned is that if Liberia were in better shape and didn't have the poverty it has, kids would stay with their families and wouldn't have to be adopted. That's what they are trying to do help folks get back on their feet so no matter what the situation, kids stay with families.

Happy Holidays and Thanks for Asking!

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