Thursday, November 29, 2007


A&E's friends have made it home safely. We promptly called Jacob and Mardia. Mardia was asleep but both kids got to talk to Jacob (and so did Mommy). He sounded great, so easy to understand. Emmanuel said, "I love you. Are you coming to my house? Tomorrow?"
Here are some photos of them talking, we are waiting to call the rest of the crew..
Here' is what their mom told me:
Well after two and a half years gestation and three month labor, Jacob and Mardia Johnson were delivered, at at JFK, to their over anxious parents. Praise be to God. Everyone is doing well. Parents are very confused but we will come around. Jacob went out with his dad to the store, a Lovely boy and Poor Mardia is wiped out so she is asleep on the couch. We have not fed them yet.
We are wishing them a wonderful happy life together! To refresh your memory Jacob and Mardia captured many expectant parents hearts by their anxiousness to be adopted and prove what great kids they could be, here's a photo of Jacob and E-man at the AFAA house, you guys have come a long way.

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