Thursday, December 13, 2007

Alexander Gets His Letter From Abegail

We are so thrilled. Today we got pictures from Cheryl of Alexander opening the packet of pictures, school work, and letters we sent him. He must have visited the AFAA house when she was there. We think about him and A&E's siblings all the time. I probably have an unhealthy obsession with them. I find every free moment of thought is spent on Liberia. I wonder if they're ok and what is going on with them. It was so awesome to get a picture of "papa" alive, well, and smiling! Maybe that's why I didn't get true orphans after all, because now it is my mission to make sure there is a reunion someday and to help my Liberian extended family in any small way I can even if its only with a prayer.


Anonymous said...


You are a much bigger woman than I, as I find myself grateful that Akins has no family for me to worry about. You always make me proud to know you!


The Googeg's said...

How important it is for your children to see you honor their birth father. How important for their birth father to see that you love and honor the children. What a great moment.

Debbie G.

Nancy said...

Generosity of spirit has always been one of your strong points!! I bet Abegail and E-man were happy to see pictures of Alexander looking so well and happy and ctualy looking at the letter etc Aegail had written. And how happy he must have been to receive tangible proof that his kids are doing so well with you. Do you think that normal mail service to the AFAA House will be ever restored at affordable prices in the foreseeable future?

Janie Peterson said...

Miss Sue,
Teaching us all about blessings and life outside the box. You're on track to sainthood, no doubt.
You're actions speak louder than words. An inspiration!


Tut-Sade said...

You can tell he is so proud of his kids! Look at his eyes!

I bet you he is not regretting in anyway taking that decision of giving his children a better future.

I wonder what plans does God have for you, your kids and their Liberian family in the future...