Saturday, December 22, 2007

Emmanuel's New Look

Emmanuel had another visit with the eye doctor and we found his vision in the eye with the ptosis is getting worse. They are going to try and patch his good eye everyday for two hours for two months to see if that improves things. He will definitely need glasses at that point. The poor boy couldn't see anything on the tests. I'm not sure why we are waiting for glasses. He puts his face up to everything to see. In two months they will also start investigating the surgery for the droopy left eye lid. E-man hates wearing the patch. But we've really played up how cool it is to be a pirate!

A white Christmas
We got another dusting of snow today, just in time to cover all the dirty snow and the kids had a blast because it was perfect snowman making snow.


The Googeg's said...

AAAH the eye patch is definitely cool! Our snow is melting and instead of a white Christmas I believe it is going to be a muddy one.

Debbie G.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, snow! We had a dusting here today too, and it looked bad for awhile. But when we got off work, all that was on the roads was a little ice! Yikes! The trucks had sanded most of the roads, so it really wasn't so bad. We have been hoping for a little snow though for the white Christmas, so we are glad you have some for us when we come. Does the weather report look good for Monday? Grandma R.

Anonymous said...


I too had to wear a patch on my left eye when I was a child. I can totally relate. If you want to be a really cool family you will all wear eye patches for the two hours a day with him! After all that and two surgeries I still can't see worth a darn out my left eye. If it's any consulation one eye does just fine for all things!


Nancy said...

Charlie lay outside in his bathing suit Christmas Day in Ft. Lauderdale, so no, we did not have a white Christmas. But I was so happy to see that your kids had built a snowman, because a year or two ago, I went out driving on a snowman kind of day, and couldn't find one anywhere! Guess the kids were all inside watching tv or playing video games. E-man, the patch is defiitely cool!