Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Emmanuel's New Smile

We are proud to say Emmanuel has beautiful new teeth that he is very proud of! He went in for surgery to get 15 cavities and deep stains removed on Monday. They worked on him for three hours. Scott took him, I got to the hospital during his surgery (straight from the airport from my girlfriend's wedding in DC). When he came out of the anesthesia, they rolled him down in bed and he was crying so pathetically. At that point, I'm thinking we shouldn't have done this, and then I saw his teeth and said oh yes we should have! After some juice, a popsicle, and a few snoozes with Mom and Dad he was back to his old self. He went right back to school Tuesday and you would have never known he had surgery. Now on to getting the eye fixed and he won't be recognizable, well until you see him run and yell and bump into things.


David B-A said...

E-Man looks great! It's amazing how quickly little kids bounce back from surgery - in other words, no rest for mom and dad.


Angela and David

Anonymous said...

I showed this to Akins and he told me "I want white teeth"! Good I still need to get him to let them really look at his teeth and clean them.


Shelby & Lori said...

Beautiful! A thousand watt (or dollar) smile!!!

Nancy said...

E-man, your teeth are beautiful!!!I have always dreamed of teeth like yours. I am so glad that your Mom and Dad did this for you because now you will have beautiful, strong adult teeth as well! What a Christmas present!

Anonymous said...

Grandpa and I went in to have our teeth cleaned the same day you did. I wish ours look as white and nice as yours. I'll bet you will brush them everyday so they always look like that! We can't wait to really see them when we come for Christmas. Love you all. Grandma R.

Sharon said...

That is fabulous! Your dentist should pay you for the before and after pictures for advertising!