Monday, December 17, 2007

The Families left Behind

The AFAA house is overflowing with new kids. So many so, Cheryl is looking for a bigger property. They made the living room into the boys bedroom and the dining room now serves as a living room, school room, and place to watch TV at night with the generator.

This is Jacob and Mardia's family.
Jacob told his American family when he got home that his father is brothers with A&E's father, but they have different mothers.
So two of our favorites are half cousins with A&E.
Almost all of the these kids are leaving family members behind. Maybe not a Mom AND Dad but certainly a loving extended family who feels no choice but to have them adopted. I have thought many times about A&E's family. It is only by the grace of God that we are not in reversed situations. It is only because we were born in the land of opportunity. Our parents worked hard, made sure we had a college education and could support ourselves. We do not love our kids more than A&E's family, we are not smarter or kinder than they are. It is simply they were born in a place of desperate times and we were born in America. If the situation were reversed, they could be raising our children. It is heartbreaking to see these faces time and time again, leaving their children, not knowing what will happen to them, but knowing they will get medical care and three meals a day. Some say you become accustom to your surroundings and you don't know that you are poor. But there are two things that everyone knows, hunger and disease.


David B-A said...

Well said.


Ang and Dave

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You always know how to state it perfectly!