Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Santa Mysteries

Last night after writing our letter to Santa, Abegail was a bit curious about a few things; "Does Santa wear pajamas? Does he have to take a bath?"
Today we had a full fledged interrogation, hang in there with me I was thinking off the top of my head:

A: Mommy, did you mail my letter?
M: Yes, I mailed it today.
A: When will it get there?
M: Probably Friday or Saturday.
A: Does Santa know how to read?
M: Yes honey, don't worry, that's how he makes a list and checks it twice.
A: Does Santa have children?
M: Yes, they are called elves they work with them in his workshop and helps him make the toys.
A: Do they look like the tooth Fairy?
M: No, not exactly.
A: Do they have wings?
M: No , the tooth fairy is lighter than the elves.
A: Are they tall or short.
M: They're all short.
A: All of them? How come?
M: They have a growing disorder where they don't grow very tall.
A: Are these Santa's real children?
M: Yes, they are real.
A: Are the taller than me?
M: They are about your height, some may be a bit shorter, some taller.
A: Does Santa cook?
M: No, Mrs. Claus does all the cooking?
A: WHO???
M: Mrs. Clause, Santa's wife.
A: He has a wife?
M: Yea, how do think he got all those elves.
A: Does Santa have a house.
M: Yea, he has a really nice house, a great fireplace.
A: Does Santa go to church?
M: Oh, I'm sure he does.
A: What church does he go to.
M: I don't know the name of it, but I know he loves Jesus' birthday, that's why he works all year to bring everyone presents.
A: Oh, I'm going to watch Arthur now.

All I can say is Scott better be home when we start asking about Rudolph's kids.

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S William said...

I wrote a book called The Santa Mysteries :)