Thursday, January 3, 2008

6 Month Point, Apparently, We're "Normal"

We had our six month visit with our social worker today. I was very anxious to see Judy because I can tell her just about anything and get a straight answer so I started;

Sue: The kids are still extremely needy is that normal?
Judy: Oh yes that's normal.
Sue: They have no patience to wait for anything,
Judy: Yes, that's normal. I bet they have no respect over property and break everything and lose everything too?
Sue: Yes they do, is that normal?
Judy: Very normal.
Sue: I kind of feel like raising one Liberian child is like raising three American ones
Judy: Normal
Sue: Abegail can seem homesick and pout
Judy: Normal
Sue: Emmanuel's behavior has no rhyme or reason to it
Judy: All normal.
Sue: I feel overwhelmed and disorganized
Judy: Yup, that's normal, and don't think you'll ever be caught up on laundry again
Sue: I get interrupted every five seconds
Judy: Laughing and nodding in agreement
Sue: So when will all this end, when will it get better?
Judy: Well, my daughter moved out at 27, that's two years ago and she moved two miles away from us
Judy: Sue, are you OK? you look a little pale? But that's normal.


Here's a tip for newly adoptive parents, don't take your kids out on New Year's Eve, well at least not to the Mall of America. It was a madhouse and keeping five of us together was brutal. After one magician act I said Scott, I'd rather be home on the couch watching a bad party on TV. He said, Amen! And we were out of there at 8:30. We did have fun going out to dinner, which is a rare thing for us to do and a good night to do it since it was all families out. And we counted down to the Liberian New Year at 7 p.m. which is much more my speed since I still had to get up the next morning for work. But the kids didn't really know what New Year's was and all they know is they got an overpriced slushy in a glass that lights up. Happy New Year!

Back To School
Abegail was ready to go back to school on Wednesday in a beautiful new outfit!


Shelby & Lori said...

I love the Liberian new year idea. I think I will steal that from you for next year...if our kids are here by then! (smile)

The Googeg's said...

Yeah we have been normal for about 5 years. OH NO -- I think it's the "NEW NORMAL" and we are starting over.

Debbie G

Valerie said...


Good to hear all the answers to your questions - well except for that last one. I'm pretty sure I am pale too!

Happy New Year - the kids look great!


Anonymous said...

YUP! NORMAL! We wee there for Christmas and loved the feeling of being with a family again. I remember when our own children were acting up and my older brother, Charles, turned to me and said, "I'm glad we were never like that when we were their age!" Boy! Did Mother get after him!
We felt Scott and Sue handled everything very evenly and lovingly, Judy...Judy? I guess she left. Next time, have her ask Grandpa how the grandchildren are doing and I will read aloud the wonderful thank you notes each of them wrote to us for their Christmas gifts and joys!
Grandpa Arthur