Thursday, January 10, 2008

Abegail Is Eight!

Abegail said this was the first time she had ever had a cake on her birthday (or presents for that matter). I let her pick out what kind of cake she wanted and she said angel food. So I made an angel food cake and she came home and said, "oh chocolate cake!" I said no honey, its just burned. But everyone ate it anyway. It's amazing what frosting can cover up! We went to KFC (her new favorite) for supper. She is looking forward to the big party on Saturday, it's a rollerskating party. She received inline skates from all of us and was pretty excited! Happy Birthday not only to Abegail but also to Aunt Nancy.
Quotes From Abegail:
Abegail: I've decided I want to live on a farm.
Daddy: Have fun. Life is hard on a farm.
Abegail: But then we could have cows and we won't have to buy milk.
Daddy: Let me tell you about life on a farm, you get up before the sun rises, you have to milk the cows, feed the pigs, brush the horses, clean the stables, plow the fields, and then you have breakfast, then (insert long speech here).
Abegail: Well you could just go hide in the stable and sleep while everyone else works.
Mommy: HAHAHAHAHAHA. You know your daddy pretty well, don't you!!


The Googeg's said...

Looks like you had a great time!
Happy Birthday Abegail!


Nancy said...

It was fun, Abegail, to talk to you yesterday on OUR birthday, and now I can see that you got better presents than I did. I wish I could come to your party on Saturday, but I will be thinking about you and all of your friends. Is Mr. Suzuki coming?

Valerie said...


Happy Birthday! I love you.



You look beautiful and all grown up. Happy 9th.

Valerie and Lorea

Valerie said...


Cool clothes dude!


Anonymous said...

Hi Abegail,
Alomiza says Happy Birthday (belated)and thank you for you and thank you for 8 years old
She said she wants to talk to you so we will call soon.