Saturday, January 5, 2008

Abegail's New Do

Abegail has a big week coming up, she is turning 8! And today she asked about going to a salon, so I said absolutely you should look your best. It turned out amazing. I will never be able to get her hair to look like this. And unfortunately I wasn't able to learn a thing since I was trying to keep E-man from petting the fish and running a chair into a pregnant woman. (Scott is away this weekend working on one of his clubs in IA) It did take them an hour and a half, but should last three weeks. (yeah for me!)

Quotes from Emmanuel:
Mommy: Emmanuel sit down in your chair, you don't want to get hurt if we get in a crash.
Abegail: Yea, you will die
Mommy: That's right if you're not in your chair you could die and then you'll go to heaven and you won't know anyone there.
E-man: Yes I will, I'll know God. And Jesus and Mary.
Abegail: And St. Peter
Don't you hate when your kids outsmart you at 4!


The Googeg's said...

Beautiful hair! I am getting nervous about figuring out this hair thing. 90 minutes!!


Scott said...

WOW!! Abegail!! I LOVE your hair!!

I can't wait to get home and see you all!


Valerie said...


You look beautiful! Akins

Anonymous said...

You look awesome. I really love your hair. We put your birthday card in the mail this weekend. Hope it gets there soon. Hope you have a great day. Tell us all about it. Love, Grandma R.

Anonymous said...

Abegail! You are even more beautiful than before!
I wish you a very happy and healthy Birthday. We are sending you a card and will tell you more when your special day arrives.
You are setting a wonderful example for Annie and Eman. You are such a special big sister for them.
I love you. Wish I could sit down with you and read a book together.
Grandpa Arthur

Anonymous said...

I thought you did the cornrow. Anyhow, it still looks good. 23 weeks!!! now that's what I'm talking about.