Saturday, January 19, 2008

Bye Bye Emmanuel Johnson

The time has come for Emmanuel Johnson Jr. and his mom Lopu to go back to Liberia. Emmanuel came here for a life saving surgery that will allow him to live pretty normally and not have a colostomy bag. Last night we said good-bye and wished them well. He has grown a lot since he's been here and can now take about six to eight steps on his own! Thanks for all your prayers for them.

As promised, photos from Annie's 2nd ballet class today.

Ethiopia's Warning to Bloggers

A family who had a referral in Ethiopia was told they were being turned away because their blog showed pictures of the children on it. Not only that, but they were also told the country didn't like that they were openly fundraising for their adoption expenses on their blog. Their quote, "if you can't afford adoption you shouldn't be adopting." It sparked an interesting conversation between Scott and I who as you would expect are for free press and open information. Our first thought, aren't they getting snotty about who gets clean water? But the problem is not just in Ethiopia. The problem is throughout adopting third world countries. Many view it as literally hitting the jackpot. It is maddening to a lot of adopting families. So many have good things to offer and can offer a better life even if they can't pay the tens of thousands of dollars adoption costs. To us that's like saying, well you have no business getting sick if you don't have health insurance. A lot of the kids are given an unrealistic view of America before coming home, telling them they'll get anything they desire. One of my fellow adoptive moms told her daughter when she came home, in America, you will have everything you need and some of what you want. As a result of this uproar you will find very few blogs now with pictures of referred children and many are going to an invitation only situation where you can only look at them if you get an invite. One waiting parent asked Ethiopia's government, "how will you know if someone is fundraising on their blog?" The reply, "oh we have people searching for blogs all the time." Hmmm, maybe that person should spend their time working on issues so every child can be placed with a family, not just those that "hit the jackpot."


Valerie said...

Annie looks so littel compared to all the other girls, well and of course the cutest!


Nancy said...

So glad to see you from the front this time! You look adorable, Annie.

Anonymous said...

You have the best pointed toes of them all! You're make a great ballerina! Love you, Grandma R.