Tuesday, January 29, 2008

E-man and the Billionaire

So E-man and I headed to TwinsFest this weekend. It's a 3-day festival with everything Minnesota Twins. There are lots of players, autograph sessions, games, kids' hitting clinics, auctions, and tours of the Metrodome clubhouse. We ate hotdogs, saw TC the Bear (Twins mascot), and learned how to throw a baseball!

But the highlight of the day for ME...was when Carl Pohlad, the 92 year old owner of the Twins, was being wheeled out on the field by a small golf cart. E-MAN'S FAVORITE...GOLF CARTS!! (do you see where this is going?)

Pohlad is on the Forbes 400...ranked as the 78th richest man in the world. Today he's worth about $2.9 Billion...give or take. He's got one foot in the grave and I think he's losing it...(I often feel rage when I talk about how he's trading away the best pitcher in baseball - Johan Santana!!!!).

ANYWAY...Mr. Pohlad reaches down towards E-man as we pass him on the field. He's assuming E-man wants to shake his hand. A nice gesture. But not what E-man had in mind!!! E-MAN GRABBED HIS HAND AND STARTED TO PULL HIMSELF UP!!! Saying in his 95dB voice..."Can I ride with you??" Carl is almost yanked from the golf cart. There are three women guarding Mr. Pohlad reaching for E-man like Secret Service reaching for an assassin!! I would've helped......but.....I'm just really going to miss Johan Santana!!

I Love TwinsFest!!


Valerie said...


Yep...can totally picture and if Akins had been there they would have jointly pulled him completely onto the ground!

Love it!


Nancy said...

Scott, you are never too old to cry. I can remember when your father-in-law cried when one of his favorite Cardinals players got traded, and he was a big boy too. I just can't believe the myriad of experiences that you and Sue are providing for these kids, and I'm sure this was a day you will never forget - Pohlad probably won't forget it either. I'm so sorry about Santana, but glad that Eman didn't get arrested. Priceless!

Love to all,

Shelby & Lori said...

I am cracking up. Your family's blog always makes me laugh! SOOOOO funny!