Sunday, January 20, 2008

I have a dream......

Abegail had to write a letter to Dr. King in her ESL class; She is very curious about Marin Luther King Jr. and I think it has hit her she and Annie wouldn't be in the same house without him:

Dear Dr. King,

Thank you for the world. I love you. Thank you for leting us go to the same school. Thank you for leting us go to the same bathroom. Thank you for bringing pace to the coutnry. Thank you for bringing white people and black people to the same school. How dit you feel when you were talking in front of so many people? Dit it feel good?
Your friend,


Jezamyn said...

Not sure why, but her actual letter shows up in the font Webdings, quite impossible to read. It was readable when I copy/pasted it into word and changed the font though :)

Valerie said...


You are such a smart girl what a beautiful letter! Good to see you tonight too! Junior loves and misses you and Eman so much!


Nancy said...

Dear Abegail,

What a beautiful letter you wrote. I am so proud of you.