Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lessons from Dr. King

Abegail came home from school and said do you know Dr. King? She preceded to tell me all the things they learned in school about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She said, "you know white people and black people couldn't go to the same school or the same bathroom." To my amazement, she had absolutely no idea that blacks have been treated so poorly in this country. I don't know why I thought she would know that. I guess I just assumed everyone knew. E-man then asked, "Am I black?" I said yes you are. I then told them why I wanted to make sure the children I adopted were black so all of us would be colorblind. We are not black or white, we are Mommy, Daddy, Abegail, Emmanuel, and Annie. Abegail says, yea. I said did you know that we've never had a black president? She said yea, but maybe that guy will be one. I said yes, he does have a chance, which sparked a conversation about Barack Obama. And she said, that lady is president. I said yes, which sparked a conversation about Liberia's president. Then Abegail says, "it doesn't matter if your black or white if you're president." I said no it doesn't. What does matter if you're president? "That you have peace in the country." Spoken from a girl who has known a country without peace where there were no black and white issues.


Valerie said...

Rich! I wish I was this wise at her age.


Anonymous said...

We were so impressed! Wise family you have! You make us proud.