Saturday, January 12, 2008

Party On Abegail

Abegail had a great birthday party today. Scott and I felt like we had flashed back to the eighties! All Abegail really wanted to do was skate with her friends, she is really good and E-man even picked it up a little.
Annie started ballet today. With all the excitement with the party I erased the pictures of her frontwards. I must say there is NOTHING cuter than eight 3 and 4 year olds in tutus. She LOVED it, never stopped smiling and was so proud to be a "princess."

Abegail's school holiday party

Some late holiday photos to share from my work party, the last one describes perfectly what Annie and I think about adoption!

Quotes From Abegail:
Abegail: Mommy, when will winter end?
Mommy: Laughing
Abegail: This winter lasts forever doesn't it?
Mommy: Oh yea, you betcha!

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The Googeg's said...

What a lot of fun you all have had the last couple of months.
I love the last picture. Most people give birth one by one. We add walkin' talkin' kids two by two! Trust me in a year the roller coaster car of adoption will begin to pull into the station -- and you will remember why you did this. Then you can remind me!