Friday, January 25, 2008

What are they doing??

The U.S. figure skating championships are in St. Paul this week. We were able to go Wednesday during the pairs short program. Emmanuel had never seen ice-skating before and when they took the ice to warm up, he just laughed and laughed. What are they doing? Is that ice? We had really good seats (media night) and the kids loved seeing the jumps and sparkles up close but the person who was most impressed was of course our princess Annie. Abegail had seen ice-skating once before when she went with Martu and Mackie's mom for their other daughters lesson. Speaking of Martu and Mackie, we just got word, it shouldn't be long now. We are hoping they will be home by the end of February. M&M are A&E's cousins in Liberia.

Our house is a disaster most of the time. My reputation for being a neat freak is really on the line. But we did get bunk beds so everyone now sleeps in the same room (since they did anyway) and Annie's room has become the playroom. The kids love the bunk beds.


Valerie said...

Those are the cutest pictures ever! Can I gorrow Annie so that Akins will not cling to me at night the way Abegail is clinging to Annie in this photo. For sleeping purposes I should have adopted two kids!


Nancy said...

When I looked at the first picture, I thought Scott was putting up bars to keep the kids in at night, but even before I moved on, I realized he was putting together bunk beds. What a terific idea. The pictures are adorable!