Sunday, February 3, 2008

Camp Caroline

My sister, Auntie Caroline, came for a visit this weekend and she let Scott and I go on vacation. It couldn't have come at a better time. We are so grateful for our 20 hour stay in Minneapolis (the weather was much the same as it was in Bloomington). We actually talked without being interrupted. We ate a meal without cutting someone else's meat. We showered without an audience. Meanwhile my sister kept the kids busy by making puppets and countless other crafts, introducing them to The Wizard of Oz, which they have now watched 4 times, and organizing our new playroom. My sister who has three boys of her own and a busy full time job is my new hero.
Prospective adoptive parents find someone to do this for you if you can. The only thing to be aware of is coming home is a shock and reality sets in way too fast. I think both Scott and I have the one day vacation blues! But we could not be more grateful had she given either of us a lifesaving kidney. By the way Caroline, if you ever need a kidney, you know who to call!
Quotes From Emmanuel:
Immediately after dropping Auntie Caroline off at the airport.
E: Can we go to Auntie Caroline's house??
Mommy: You liked her did you??


Valerie said...

I'm so jealous can she be Akins Auntie Caroline too???


The Googeg's said...

Yeah AUNTIE! What an awesome Aunt to find so many exciting things to do!

During that stay in Minneapolis did you get a nap?

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and what a wonderful gift, Caroline. I look forward to doing that sometime myself. Grandma R.