Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Mr. Suzuki's Birthday

Friday is Mr Suzuki's Birthday, Abegail's first grade teacher. Since about the end of January she has told me she wants to get him a present. (For those of you who don't know Mr. Suzuki is the best first grade teacher in the whole world) I said that's fine what do you want to get him? She says, "I want to get him a new pair of shoes." I said oh, does he need new shoes, are his shoes worn out? No, I just want to get him shoes. Maybe I can ask him what size he is. I said OK. So she comes home the next day and says, "Mommy, he is a 9 1/2." I said good to know. Friday they don't have school so tonight we went out to get her class candy for Valentines Day and a gift for Mr. Suzuki. She had by this point decided she didn't want to get him shoes. I said, how about socks? No, he doesn't need socks. I said, how do you know? "Because he wears socks everyday." So we went through the toy aisle. Abegail, I don't think Mr. Suzuki wants a barbie. I said how about candy. "No he doesn't need candy." She wanted to get him a talking bear kind of like one she gave Grandma Charlene for Christmas but they all played love songs, I'm thinking probably not the most appropriate thing for a first grader. Finally after 30 minutes we settled on a glow in the dark fan and a happy birthday bear. And yes we were late for church school, but then again its all for Mr. Suzuki. Did I mention he's teaching kindergarten next year???
Oh, EMMANUEL......
Quotes from Abegail
Abegail: Mommy, Mr. Suzuki's mom made him a necklace of flowers from Hawaii.
Mommy: His mom lives in Hawaii??
Abegail: Yes.
Mommy: Why does he live in Minnesota if his Mom lives in Hawaii?
Abegail: We live in Minnesota and Grandma Marian lives in New York. Sometimes that's how it works.
Mommy: Oh, very true.


Valerie said...

Oh the kids are so wise!


Jessica said...

So cute. You are an amazing, patient, supportive mother. How did Mr. Suzuki like his glow in the dark fan?