Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good Morning!

I woke up this morning to Abegail's yelling up the stairs, "Daddy! Eman's outside shoveling!"

Ug. More snow. Ok, it's a pretty snow...but still SNOW! I quickly searched my mind to think of all the things that could go wrong w/ this scenario.

1. Eman probably had to move my tool boxes to stand on them to get the shovel.
2. He probably dumped everything out first.
3. He probably forgot his hat and mittens.
4. Heck, he's probably naked.

But alas, what a good boy!!! None of the above happened and he was actually just shoveling snow! I'm so proud of him.

Someday I'll teach him the different between a spade and a shovel. For now, I'm just going to be proud of my boy. Even WITH his pink mittens!!! :-)


The Googeg's said...

What delightful post. Don't you love it when they suprise you with something wonderful they have done!


Anonymous said...

What a good boy you have! Scott, your description made us LOL. I had to share it with several here at work. Everyone says you two have to write a book! You are such good writers. Grandma R.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of you! You are such a hard-working boy...so strong to shovel all that snow! And you did it all on your own! WOW!!
I remember the time you helped me to pick up leaves and branches the first time we met at your new home.
I think your Dad and Mom are very proud of you, too.
Grandpa Arthur