Friday, March 21, 2008

Pink Easter Eggs

We dyed Easter Eggs today, for some reason most of them turned out pink! Very fun and messy!
Martu And Mackie update: We have heard all the kids made it to Chicago. We assume the Zabinski's are on their way home now. Abegail asks me every five minutes, when are they going to be here? When will we see them? Call them, see if they are here yet. For some reason the answer hasn't changed the past 6 minutes!!! C'mon Abegail its not like you are waiting for your long lost cousins or something...oh wait...never mind.

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Anonymous said...

I loved seeing your Easter pictures with the cousins together.
We enjoyed having the cousins together here for the weekend also.
Greg's 3 girls and Pam's looked for eggs together all over the house. It was too cold outside. They didn't mind. Collin turned 1 on the 28th of March!!
Bless you. love, Aunt Kathy and Uncle Chuck