Sunday, March 23, 2008

We Will See You Again

When we left the AFAA house in July of last year both Martu and Mackie were crying along with Abegail. I kept saying, don't cry, we will see you again. We will see you again. Today 8 and a half months later on Easter Sunday, I kept my promise. Martu and Mackie got home to Minnesota on Friday after the longest trip I've ever heard of and Martu made it all the way with the chicken pox. But their smiles were even bigger than we remember and they greeted all of us with big hugs. For us, seeing them keeps us going on this journey. Apparently Martu had asked about Abegail just as much as Abegail was asking about Martu. Abegail kept a picture of she and Martu in her room this whole time and now we have a new one to put up!

Mackie remembers his crazy cousin E-man!
It wasn't long until Abegail was introducing everyone to the world of Webkinz.

Can you believe this car, this is what Santa brings in America!Holy cow, this is awesome! Can I drive?
Annie shows off her bunny costume with M&M's 3 year old sister Louisa.
Martu gets right into playing dress-up!

Annie crashes, these Liberian kids are exhausting!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. It must have been a happy reunion. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. Mom R.

The Googeg's said...

What a great time for all. I am glad the cousins could reunite.

Happy Easter.


Valerie said...


This brings tears of joy to my eyes! How very wonderful.I know how great those promises being met feel!


Andries said...

What a beautiful resurrection story! Cousins with bleak futures end up neighbors in a faraway land...with loving families and lots of hope! Thanks for sharing the joy of their reunion.


Sharon said...


It is so good to see the kids together, safe and so happy! It is wonderful that you have made the effort to stay so connected - I guess those big smiles are the reward!