Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Abegail's April Fools

From the day we met her she has been pulling pranks on us. She has snuck up and scared Scott and I so many times I'm surprised one of our hearts isn't lying around somewhere. Even Mr. Suzuki has told her to stop scaring him. So we've been dreading April Fools Day. At first Abegail was trying to play a joke on me with Scott. Lets borrow someone's dog and tell Mommy we bought it! Ah, not funny. (Everyone in this house wants a dog, except me, thank goodness this is not a democracy) Let's turn the car sideways into the garage and tell Mommy E-man got a hold of the keys and crashed the car into the garage. Aah believable, but not funny. So Scott smartly decided to team up with me and finally give Abegail a taste of her own medicine. What does Abegail hate more than anything in the world...SHOTS. So I had my coworker call the house and leave a message as the nurse from our doctor's office saying Abegail had mistakenly not gotten her chicken pox shot and she had to come in TODAY. The pictures tell the rest of the story...Oh no, not shots!
You think that's funny?

Got Ya!

OK, it's a little funny
I will get you back!


Anonymous said...

I loved all your April Fool's ideas (esp. the dog one!). You really had some good ones. Mom & Dad can be funny too sometimes.
Glad you didn't have to get that shot. Grandma R.

The Googeg's said...

That last look really got me! She is planning something. The car sideways thing was great. Can you imagine your face if they pulled it off? I spent the day saying "I HATE April Fool's day!


Valerie said...


You are too funny but Mommy and Daddy got you this time!