Monday, April 7, 2008

Emmanuel's Story

It has been suggested to us to put Emmanuel into therapeutic daycare which basically means a couple hours a day where E-man is not the naughty boy and can get lots of one on one attention. While there is a long road to get everything set to start that program, we had a very productive meeting with a counselor from our county's program today. It was so nice to hear, "wow he's been through a lot!" "Wow that's a lot to handle." One of the things she suggested to help with the chaos and confusion in Emmanuel's head is to write Emmanuel's life story with him to make sense of it all. With everything that's happened to him in his life, this story will really help him grasp everything.

So we did and he did a great job coloring and pasting on stickers. Now that we've done it I think I should do it with Abegail.

Here's how it goes:

Emmanuel was born in Africa. His Mama and Papa loved him very much. But times were hard. There was not enough food to eat and Mama and Papa wanted Eman to have a better life. So his Papa took him to the AFAA house where he waited for a new family and lived with many other children. After a long time his new Mommy and Daddy finally came to the AFAA house to bring him to his new home in America. E-man's Papa and Mama still loved him. But they knew he would be able to go to school and be able to eat waffles and frosted flakes. Papa said good bye as he left on a big airplane. Emmanuel's new Mommy and Daddy loved his so much. He was such a fun boy. He helped his new Mommy and Daddy and made them very happy. They never had a son before! Emmanuel's Mommy and Daddy were very nice. They took him swimming and played with him. They lived happily ever after.
The End.

Emmanuel drew happy faces at the end!
Mommy's Helpers

Abegail got a new hair style during her spring break!


Shelby & Lori said...

I have been trying to write this comment for 5 minutes. I am having trouble because all the things I want to say I cannot find the words for. Just know, for what it is worth, I think you and Scott are great healers for Eman and Abegail. You have given them a great way to start to make sense of all the things have have happened.

The Googeg's said...

I love hearing this. What a neat idea. Eman is really on his way. What a great Mom and Dad who work so hard to get it right for their kids.


Anonymous said...

I really love the exercise you did with Emannuel. That can be very clarifying for him to have it in writing. I would encourage you to ask him periodically if there are things he would like to change about his story. He may add things and find out he doesn't have to keep them a secret. That's great and I agree it would probably be a good idea for Abegail too. Who knows they might be writing their autobiographies already.
You continue to make us proud of all that you are doing for your family. Is it August yet? We can't wait for you to come to OK.
Mom R.

Valerie said...

I, like Shelby have sat here taking in all my thoughts. I think the fact that Eman made smiley faces at the end of the story is a huge piece and much for you to be proud of.

Nancy said...

I love the idea of telling Emmanuel's story and putting it on paper for him. Charlene's suggestion that you from time to time invite him to revisit this story and revise it is an excellent one, as increasing maturity will undoubtedly effect his perspective on things. I am wondering too,if perhaps the 'blog' isn't your way of telling your own stories too, and that it may serve the same kind of cathartic purpose... You have always been so honest about expressing your joys, but also your concerns and frustrations, but I always end up with smiley faces all over my coputer monitor after I have read it!

Love to all,

PS I love Abegail's new 'do' - am just glad I don't have to do it for her.