Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mashed Potatoes

There's been a lot going on with us and I know I've been bad about updating. It's been over a year since we started this blog and I wonder often, should I keep it going? Does anyone really read it? But I do know this will be the kids baby book or life book as they call it for adopted kids so I better keep at it.
Emmanuel: We have decided to delay kindergarten for Emmanuel for a year. This means he and Annie will be in the same grade which I'm not all that excited about but I do want him to succeed. We have resorted to using a small amount of medication with Emmanuel. We got to the point where we weren't any further along than when we first brought him home and we started to have major safety concerns. The first day on the medication E-man got stickers from daycare for the first time because he was so good. I drove him home and to my surprise, he didn't unbuckle his seatbelt and try to drive the car. Now, we just have to work on him running into traffic after cars and throwing things and hopefully we can make some progress. After witnessing E-man in the doctors office, I told our pediatrician, thank you so much, I owe you my first born. She said, that's OK you can keep 'em! Emmanuel will start his special school in June. I'm thrilled, I think this is the magic pixie dust we need.
Abegail: Abegail had her first sleep over last night at Martu's house. Both girls loved it. I said to Kate when I dropped her off, can't you see them in each other's wedding one day. She said, Yes I can.
Annie: We are eating a lot of lollipops but still working on the potty.
Other News:
-We were sad to learn in March that Scott's Mom had a cancerous spot in her left breast. She had a lumpectomy on Monday and is recovering well with the help of her granddaughter Maddie. (Does she look like Annie or what?) Maddie will be getting a new brother the end of September! We welcome prayers for Grandma Charlene, she still has to go through radiation.
-Scott and I continue our daily work to try and keep the house from being burned down! We had a great visit with my folks. They noticed how disruptive one kid can be to a family. My other adoptive mom friends are noticing it too. Many of us have commented on our dark place when we feel overwhelmed. In the meantime we continue to all feel more isolated as we lose touch with what we can keep up with. But I also think it becomes harder because I actually not only love Abegail and Eman more everyday but like them as human beings even with all their idiosyncrasies. Then you see how hurt Eman is and how little you can do to help him.


Anonymous said...

Sue & Scott,

I do read you blog every day faithfully. I like to know how all the kids are doing and am looking forward to seeing them this August.

Joyce (Val's Mom)

The Googeg's said...

Another faithful blog reader. You are doing a lot to help your hurt little boy. Keeping your blog will help you see how far you have come.


Anonymous said...

We may be the grandparents, but we check it every day, if not two or three times. We have people at church who check it regularly also. Please don't give it up. It keeps the prayers going and people are definitely interested. I hope Eman feels better with his medicine. Success is a great motivator. Also thank you for the prayers for me. They have sustained me. August is too far away, but it will come!

Nitara said...


Please tell your mom we are thinking about her. We do the breast cancer walk at the mall of america every year and I will write her name on my sheet. Also we are thinking of you, scott and the kids. I hope the school helps and hopefully we will be able to get together soon. I know how busy things get.

Anonymous said...

Dear Scott and Sue,
You must keep blogging, I try to check in on you guys at least once a week or more! I love being able to watch your family grow. Please know that you have been in my prayers for the last year. Your family brings a lot of joy to many readers.
Molly T.

Maya, Mieko's Mom said...

Please keep up the blog! I love to hear about your family. Sharing the good and the bad makes us all better parents.

Nancy said...

You have been so open and honest on this blog that you truly are an inspiration and you must never give it up!! There are lots of members of my church who read it since I spoke to the Pioneer Club. I think you are really heading in the right direction with Eman and know you will begin to see some real progress soon. The pictures are great, the funny stories are wonderful, and it is the best 'life book' those kids could have. I put Charlene on the prayer list at my church today, and am thinking about her.
Love to all,

Shelby & Lori said...


You inspired all of us to blog. You can't stop now. I love seeing how far the kids have come. I need to see things get better!! Hang in there!

Andries said...

Surely there are times when you feel you don’t have the energy, strength, or time to continue your blog. Especially since you are a journalist though, I’m sure writing helps you make sense of your journey as well as chronicling it, so that your family will remember how you grew together. Your openness inspires compassion and generates the prayers, introspection, and enlightenment of your readers. Thank you for sharing your family’s journey with us…and for keeping us aware of issues that effect the wholeness of our world. Praying E-man’s new steps will bring healing and harmony…and for Grandma Charlene, too.
With love,

The Charlebois said...

Another reader here...keep 'em coming! :)
Audra Charlebois

Valerie said...


Don't you dare stop posting. I'm a blog junkie!

I need these blogs from all of you. I need your friendship especially when the dark place is upon me. The light is shining a little again for me. Darkness surrounded me for about a week!

Best wishes to Scott's Mom.


Elizabeth and Bill said...

I read all the time too. You were the first person to take the time to share your insights with me. I read all the time so I can keep learning from you so that I am that much more educated when our adoption happens. Plus, I read cause I care, I've never met you but your story has crept into my heart.