Saturday, May 3, 2008

E-Man 3 -- Blue Team 2

So we decided we needed to get E-man into SOME sort of sport. Originally it was baseball, but the standing around, throwing of hard spherical objects, and swinging of aluminum bats just didn't seem to be the right fit for him.

So we went w/ SOCCER! And am I glad we did!!!! Oh yeah, E-Man had a good time too...

We got there and I tried to teach him the rules, but you know how that goes. He just wanted to wind up and kick the ball as hard as he could. And he could certainly whack it pretty good. He kicked one ball at this guy (who turned out to be the coach of the other team) and hit him in the back. He was about 10 yards away at the time. He turned to him and said, "Hey, I may need to recruit you to MY team!"


E-Man wasn't interested in paying attention to his coach. He wasn't much for kicking back and forth w/ his little partner either. He was cold....and wanted to wear my gloves. He didn't even have a yellow jersey like the rest of his team. I tried to tell him about passing...dribbling...and even how he needed to try to kick the ball between the orange cones. Nah....he just wanted to kick the ball.


Things started slow for the Yellow team. They gave up a goal in the first 2 or 3 minutes. Then E-Man found out that if he wanted to, he could just go take the ball from anyone. So that's what he did. He took the ball from one unsuspecting boy and before we knew it, he was about 15 yards out of bounds and showed no signs of returning to the field. Finally a coach caught up w/ him and got the ball back onto the field. So E-Man chased the ball down again and took it from a teammate...and again broke free towards the goal. He went right past the goal and up the hill.

Again a coach ran after him and got the ball back. So E-Man came over to me..."Daddy, am I doing good?" I said, "Yes!! You're doing awesome, Son!! I'm so proud of you!! time you get the ball, try to kick it in between those two orange cones."

He said, "OK" and then ran back onto the field...stole the ball...and ran right towards the goal as 10 other kids all chased him. GOAL!!!!! E-Man scored his team's first goal!!!!

He ran over to me smiling, "Daddy, I did it!" I said, "You did!! You scored a goal!!"

"Daddy, I want to do another one."

Go for it. And he did. He took the ball as it was going towards HIS goal. And as the other 10 kids tried to stop and go back the other direction...E-Man was gone. He was on his way to his SECOND GOAL!!!!

"Daddy! Did I do another goal??"

I said, "You're doing great, son!!" Keep it up!

His next shot would have been a goal if the goalie hadn't made a nice save. But E-Man took it in stride and came back 3 minutes later w/ his THIRD GOAL!!!!


E-Man really got the hang of it. At the end of the game, E-Man's team won 3-2. He was really proud of himself...but no doubt exhausted! He came over to me, laid down on the ground and said, "Daddy, nobody's faster than me! Next time I want to score 5 goals."

Sounds good E-Man. We'll be here next week and you can score as many goals as you want!


The Googeg's said...

OH Yeah! Everybody has some place where they really shine!

Valerie said...

This could be exactly what he needs. Something he can be the very best at! Kick butt Eman!

Jessica said...

It's all about focusing that energy in the right place. His intensity and high emotion can be a liability at preschool, but when put in the right place it can be an asset. I think you may have the next Pele!

Anonymous said...

Funny Funny color commentary! We are so happy for Eman that you have found a great sport for him in which to excel. Nothing like success to motivate and you will have something he really wants to do (which can be used to your advantage also). Dad had to read it to our SS class, it was so funny. Again, everyone says you need to write a book! This IS probably your book, but more precisely, you need to publish it at some time. Love you all. Mom R.

Psycho Mom said...

Hi Sue, this is Barb from Dance Endeavors. I left you a message to figure out how to spell Agegail, and then googled the name and found your blog. How beautiful, I have never seen your children-our families look a bit alike! My hubby and I have four adopted African American children(we are white). Love your blog! And I figured out how to spell Abegail. Best wishes, Barb Clark