Saturday, May 31, 2008

Soccer May Just Save Us

Today was the first day I had an opportunity to see E-man in action on the soccer field. Emmanuel was very excited I was coming to his game, Scott was probably more excited I was coming. I do not have a subscription to psychic friends network, but I predict we will be spending a lot of time on the soccer fields in the next ten years. Emmanuel did score two goals again today and he is lighting fast. He is hard to follow on the field he is so fast. And he is so proud of himself with a huge smile, it's great to see him feel so good about himself. During the last few minutes of the game, he was running down the field with the ball (the wrong direction, but he was working on getting turned around) and he looked over and waved at me as he dribbled the ball and ten other children chased him.

Ready for the game!
Practice First

Scott helps out on the field
I learned something new about myself today too. My mother came to every meet, race, game etc I ever had. She was always there supporting me but never one of those obnoxious parents, more "go sue, your goggles look great." I was the exact same way today. I don't know if I was speechless at my son who at times looked like a boxer with his constant bouncing or the feeling that I think Scott might become the mouthpiece for both of us. I have never seen Scott so proud or involved or ready to represent him. A good thing for all.

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