Monday, May 19, 2008

Soccer, School, and Success

Abegail's First Soccer Game
From ballet to Soccer. Abegail has started her season. Yes, she was going to play baseball but Mommy can't figure out all these extracurricular activities which is a world in itself and I signed her up for the wrong team. It turned out great though, now she's on a team with her best friend from school. Abegail's team won their first game!Daddy and Annie have fun watching Abegail. Photos by E-man!
E-man started his new school today. He came home and he said, "a boy spit on me." I thought hmmmm, looks like you are in the right place. When he came home he became a monkey and started swinging from the tree branches, just another day in E-man's world. E-man did score a goal in his soccer game Saturday, their team lost 3-2.
I know all the school and soccer stuff is great, but the best part of my last two days has been Annie using a potty. Please imagine me knock on wood as I write this now. Two days, no accidents, big girl underwear and a lot of lollipops!

Make-Up Shop
The kids played make-up shop Saturday night. I was their customer. I can not show you any pictures of myself because it is just too embarrassing. They all seemed to get in on the sparkly roll-on rouge.
Father Steve greeting the congregation at mass Sunday morning: Good Morning, it's great to be with you. What a beautiful day.
Abegail (in a louder voice than I would like): It's a little chilly!
Father Steve giving his blessing good-bye: I was going to leave after communion, but I decided I would stay for the final hymn.
HAPPY 4th BIRTHDAY COUSIN CHASE! We hope you had a great party!

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The Googeg's said...

Extracurricular activities being a world in themselves!! You got that right. I have had years of summer headaches which I totally opted out of this year.

Hey! E-man is a good photographer.