Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Abegail Goes To Camp

I have been talking to Abegail about going to camp since March. She at first wanted to know why anyone would go out into the woods to walk around or have fun. Finally I convinced her to go to the YMCA camp and as the day got closer she said, how about if I just don't go the first day. I said you are going. Monday I picked up a very excited girl, who HAD A FABULOUS TIME! Mommy, I want to go next week too. Mommy, can I go to the horse camp?

Abegail plays soccer too! Abegail had a great game Sunday, scoring three goals! Love that sibling rivalry! Her team hasn't lost a game yet.

Other News;
Abegail and Emmanuel's last three cousins coming to the U.S. have made it to NYC. Helena, Florence, and Lawrence are going to Texas. They were suppose to come home in March but immigration did not come through, they have had a tough time even getting out this time, but we were able to get confirmation that they have made it to NY! Welcome home guys, we'll talk soon.
Quotes From Annie:
Annie missed her brother and sister this week so I took her to the park and we had a little peanut butter and jelly picnic. I said, are we having fun? Annie said, "yea, we always have fun!"

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gretchen said...

Glad she is having a great time at camp, but Tori keeps asking me "Is Abegail going to be at the pool today?". We will catch up with you sooner or later...;)