Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bye Bye Mr. Suzuki

You can not even talk to Abegail about school ending or being a second grader. Her last day is tomorrow and she is so sad. She is having a sleep over with one of her friends to soften the blow tomorrow. We too are very sad about leaving Mr. Suzuki. We could not have asked for a better teacher for Abegail's first year in school. (Oh and he is not teaching kindergarten next year, staying with first grade) All the parents I talk with feel the same way. What a gift he has. We are so grateful for him. Oh and we did go through "what to get him on the last day." Again Abegail really wanted to get him shoes, "Mommy, he runs a lot." We settled on an outdoor clock and thermometer. Abegail got a certificate for perfect attendance!

-I want to update some of the things I've talked about on the blog. Remember Scott's best man's son who underwent surgery for a brain tumor? He is doing very well, he is half way through chemotherapy and by all accounts has been a trooper through everything. The family got a Make a Wish trip to Disney World and is doing well too.
-At one point I talked about a Minnesota boy who needed a kidney transplant. Two weeks ago he got it and is doing well. Turns out the sister of a boy who died of cancer was a match. The two families met at the Ronald McDonald House. Mary, the donor, turned 21 last week.
-Scott's Mom is on her second week of radiation and doing well. She has 8 treatments down, 26 to go! She is also a trooper
-My girlfriend, Sophia, who's wedding I was in, in December is expecting a baby Girl! She is due in mid October. All is well so far!

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The Googeg's said...

Wow! you have had a lot going on in your family. Poor Abegail, transitions are rough. I hope she gets a good teacher next year.