Saturday, June 21, 2008

E-Man's Goals

Perhaps it's my fatherly pride, but each week I simply feel the need to tell you all how many goals E-Man scored. He's just so proud of himself at the end of the game that it's hard not to be equally as proud.

To help you all understand how these games go, we FINALLY got some video of his game. Unfortunately our video camera is broken - so we had to take these videos with our regular camera so the quality isn't the best. But I'll think you'll still get the idea.

By the way...he scored 7 goals today!! Here are numbers 5 and 6:

It's pretty typical. The yellow team kicks off...E-Man steals the ball...goes the wrong way for just enough time to get everyone to follow him...then he turns around and runs away from everyone...scoring yet another goal.


Nitara said...

He IS really fast! Good job E-man.

Shelby & Lori said...

I love these posts. They are always so happy. It is the little things that you have to hold onto to get through the times they are peeing on the carpet. I am enrolling G into soccer.