Saturday, June 7, 2008

More Updates: Jacob and Mardia

Remember Jacob and Mardia, two of our favorites from the AFAA house. They've been home since November with a wonderful family in NY. Here are some photos of them from the past few months.
E-man had another great soccer game today. Abegail has recovered from leaving Mr. Suzuki although she cried all the way home from school. Today she and a friend played on the playground at their school because that's where E-man's soccer game is. They said, "at least we get to see our school even if we don't get to see our teacher."

SOCCER UPDATE: Sue is so modest. Me? Not so much. E-man scored 8 GOALS in his game Saturday. Yes...8!!!! I'm pretty proud of the young man. :-)

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Valerie said...

Jacob and Marida so good to see you in pictures can't wait to see you this summer!

Junior (Akins)

Eman you rock!