Friday, June 27, 2008

Party Preps

It's a Princess/Car theme for tomorrow's birthday party for Annie (7/1) and E-man (7/8), who I will now refer to as "the twins." Everyone is very excited. We have the cakes done, in case you can't tell, Annie's is a butterfly. A year ago tomorrow we were leaving for Liberia, or trying to rather, we didn't actually get there until a year ago Tuesday.
Quotes from Abegail:
A: Mommy, did you get that thing?
M: What thing?
A: Oh, I forgot, my brain was sleeping.
Conversations from Annie and E-man:
E-man to Annie: You don't even know how to play soccer
Annie to E-man: Well, you can't even do ballet!


Andries said...

Happy, happy birthday Princess Annie and Soccer E-man!
Wow...what beautiful cakes you have! Have fun!!
The Coetzee Family

The Googeg's said...

Happy Birthday! Your cakes are beautiful did Mommy make those?


Valerie said...

Happy Birthday to the Twins! Hard to believe it has been nearly a year Scott and Sue! You survived it!


gretchen said...

What great cakes you made--I am impressed! Hope everyone has a wonderful birthday!